Tour 4 - Ziemitz - Gnitz - Zinnowitz - Peenemünde

To enter our island Usedom you have to cross the "blue miracle" (our Peenebridge) and as soon as you’re beyond it you have the option to go into direction of the Baltic Sea or follow the natural flow of the river towards gorgeous marinas. In any way you’ll get a first glimpse at an ecological balanced and yet developed countryside.

Along the river, its bends and expanding bodies of water you will get soon to a tree-covered peninsular with its steep coast - the "Gnitz." Its white coast - due to that its name: "white mountain" - and other shores welcome you with their beautiful view onto white sparks in glittering sunshine reflected on the rippled surface of the water.

Leaving this nearly untouched area with its ancient stone graves the route leads you directly or with detours to one of the biggest sea resort on the island - Zinnowitz. Its busy promenade might invite you to have a break or to move on towards a less overcrowded but not less interesting village - Peenemünde.

The birthplace of rocket technology still presents itself, even nowadays, mystic, secret and maybe forgotten and gives as well harbour to a Russian submarine.

Last but not least you ought to have a choice to visit its museums or to take a ferry or just to conclude your tour (distance approx. 50km).

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